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Disulfiram is a treatment for chronic addiction to alcohol usually integrated regarding treatment and other steps of the program suggested by the doctor.

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Antabuse No Prescription

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An overdose of Disulfiram can create seizures, throwing up, nausea, tingling, lightheadedness, loss of coordination or numbness.


The longer people take this medication the much more secure is the new habit of non-drinking.

You are not expected to take Disulfiram and consume any type of amounts of alcohol, as that means undesirable as well as hazardous wellness impacts are feasible.


Such moderate side effects as skin rash, drowsiness, metallic taste in the mouth, moderate hassle, acne, fatigue, or impotence are possible.

You will make sure your universal Disulfiram is of the finest possible but it will certainly cost you so little money, you will certainly consider getting it in mass for all your pals, in case they need it.


You will certainly need to mention such signs as seizures, allergic reaction, severe fatigue, lightheadedness, reduction of coordination, vomiting, severe diarrhea or dark urine to your do, while acne breakouts, tiredness, aching tongue, light sleepiness, skin rash, impotence, moderate headaches or metallic flavor in the mouth usually disappear alone.